Homemade Hamburgers

Chicken Burger

Sandwich $11.95           Platter  $14.95

Grilled Chicken Burger

Bonless, skinless chicken breast grilled to perfection

Sandwich $11.95           Platter  $14.95


Sandwich $9.25           Platter  $12.25

Cheese Burger

Sandwich $9.95           Platter  $12.95

Bacon N’ Cheese Burger

Sandwich $11.25           Platter  $14.25

Mexican Burger

Topped with salsa, Jalapenos covered in shredded cheddar cheese

Sandwich $10.55           Platter  $13.55

Cajun Texas Burger

topped with cheese, bacon, fried onion, mushrooms, B.B.Q sauce

Sandwich $11.95           Platter  $14.95

Swiss Burger

Topped with swiss cheese, bacon

Sandwich $11.25          Platter  $14.25

Greek Burger

topped with feta cheese

Sandwich $10.55           Platter  $13.55

All Burgers are made of 100{88cb3bb470b25ad767dcf79ff1d64a033cd34a461d60b5fafd681990c0fa1aae} Beef and topped with crispy lettuce, onion & tomatoes

All platters above served with fries, onion rings or mashed potatoes